RIBA Suffolk is the Suffolk Branch of the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The Branch works for its members as a cultural association promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of Architecture through lectures, tours, and seminars.  We open these to architects, young people and the general public.

The Branch is a forum for architects to discuss their shared ambitions, successes and concerns.  We hold bi-monthly meetings around the county.

At the heart of our work is the promotion of ARCHITECTURE.  The Branch works on behalf of its members to promote architects as enablers of architecture in the community and designers of outstanding buildings.

Meredith Bowles of MOLE Architects, who delivered our 2012 annual lecture, identified an emerging pattern in Suffolk Architecture … ‘ there is a remarkable consistency through a number of recently completed buildings in the East Anglian Landscape, a simplicity of form, a reference to agricultural buildings of the past, a reduction in detail and a consistency of material.’